Towns and Nations in Managed Retreat

Managed retreat historically has referred to coastal erosion, but increasingly is used in the context of relocation of communities from the hazard of sea level rise and climate change. On this site, we use it to cover community relocation from all manner of climate related hazards and we document other community relocations.

From Climate Change

Nations and Nation-level moves

From Other Hazards

  • Centralia, PA, USA. Coal seam fire. Mostly abandoned - claimed under eminent domain, but no community-level relocation.
  • Kiruna, Sweden. Undermining. In progress.


    Hino, Field, & Mach, 2017 lists more relocations from climate change in their supplementary tables. We'll incorporate what we can here soon.

    Made by Nick Santos, based on the work of Dr. Nicholas Pinter, current and former members of the Natural Hazards Research Group, including Huck Rees, Sasha Leidman, and Megan Nguyen, and the authors cited in relation to specific towns

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